Friday, March 24, 2017

Harry And Roscoe...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to two of my favorite people! Roscoe Arbuckle (b. 1887) and Harry Houdini (b. 1874).
    In this picture Roscoe is performing the East Indian Nail Trick which Houdini would later adapt into the Needle Trick (okay, i just made that up). Houdini is holding the hat to conceal his forearm which was broken and in a sling (no, i didn't make up that part, it's true). These fellows knew one another thru their friend Buster Keaton. Houdini had given Buster his name and Roscoe had discovered and made Buster (already a vaudeville star) into a film star. 
    What do these guys have to do with pirates? That will be explained in an forthcoming post.
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